As a dedicated not-for-profit arts organization in the Netherlands, Foundation IHOS Amsterdam, is firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and sustainability across all operational facets. The organization’s Fair Practice Code underscores its unwavering dedication to promoting equitable employment practices, fostering a supportive creative environment, and contributing to the advancement and vitality of the cultural sector. This code functions as a guiding framework for the organization’s Board of Directors and Management, ensuring the equitable treatment of all stakeholders, encompassing artists, employees, partners, and the broader community, with utmost respect and integrity.



Recognize the interdependence of all parties within the cultural ecosystem and commits to promoting collective interests.

Adhere to collective agreements and fair remuneration practices, ensuring that the contributions of artists and creative professionals are valued and acknowledged.

Prioritize the well-being and dignity of all individuals working within and with our organization.

Maintain open lines of communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed about our organizational policies, financial practices, and decision-making processes.

A commitment to sharing insights and experiences to promote a culture of learning and mutual understanding.

Communicate our adherence to the Fair Practice Code through various channels, including our website, publications, and public events.

Foster an environment that supports the professional development and growth of artists and all creative and technical professionals.

Strive for responsible market behavior by providing realistic earnings and sustainable working conditions.

Advocate for fair distribution of economic value and ensures that the artists’ intellectual property rights are respected and protected.

Actively promotes diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our organization, including programming, staffing, and decision-making.

Commit to representing and engaging with a wide range of perspectives and experiences to enrich our artistic and cultural offerings.

Create opportunities for underrepresented voices to be heard, fostering a vibrant and inclusive arts community.

Prioritize quality and intention in all our endeavors, fostering trust among stakeholders and ensuring that the cultural sector’s unique value is upheld.

Dedicated to resolving conflicts and disputes through open communication and collaboration.

Support the dissemination of knowledge and expertise to strengthen the cultural sector as a whole.



Fair Compensation
Adhere to industry standards and guidelines for fair compensation, ensuring that artists and creative professionals are adequately remunerated for their work.

Actively seeks to eliminate unpaid labor and unfair wage practices within our organization.

Professional Development
Offer opportunities for ongoing education and training to enhance the skills and knowledge of artists and all its employees.

Promote a culture of mentorship and collaboration to support artistic growth and career advancement.

Transparent Governance
Maintain transparency in our governance, financial management, and decision-making processes.

Regularly communicate with our stakeholders through reports, meetings, and public forums to foster accountability and trust.

Diverse Representation
Strive to ensure that our programming and initiatives reflect the diversity of our society and provide platforms for marginalized voices.

Actively recruit and support artists and professionals from underrepresented communities to participate in our projects.

Collaborative Engagement
Engage in meaningful partnerships with artists, employees, funders, and the public to collectively shape the cultural landscape.

Arbitration or Litigation
In the event of any dispute arising in relation to an Artist or any employee Agreement, and prior to resorting to arbitration or litigation, the involved parties hereby agree that the dispute shall be expeditiously submitted to mediation. This mediation process shall be conducted in strict accordance with the regulations and guidelines stipulated by the Netherlands Arbitration Institute – Stichting Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut.

Actively seek input and feedback from stakeholders to inform our decision-making processes and program development.


By embracing this Fair Practice Code, Foundation IHOS Amsterdam commits to fostering a culture of fairness, transparency, and sustainability. The Foundation acknowledges our role in shaping a dynamic and inclusive cultural sector that values the contributions of all its participants. This code serves as a testament to our dedication to ethical practices, equitable opportunities, and the continued growth and enrichment of our artistic community.