Backwards from Winter

Monodrama for soprano, electric cello, computer sound, and video

Music – Douglas Knehans Libretto, Juanita Rockwell Mise-en-scène – Constantine Koukias, Ivan Paitre Soprano – Judith Weusten Cello – Antonis Pratsinaksis Actor – Chris Jackson

The Barbarians

Music / Direction – Constantine Koukias Text – Constantine Cavafy Production Design – Liminal Studios Choreographer – Christos Linou Baritone – Nicholas Dinopolous Boy Alto – Ayrton Rose Greek Choris leader – Athanasia Houndalas

Days and Nights with Christ

An exploration of images associated with schizophrenia

Music / Direction – Constantine Koukias Dancer / Choreographer – Christos Linou

KIMISIS – Falling Asleep

A gallery-style installation work celebrating a Great Feast of the Eastern Orthodox Church which commemorates the Dormition—the “falling asleep,” or death and assumption into Heaven—of Mary, the mother of Christ

Music / Direction – Constantine Koukias Sound Design – Greg Gurr Soprano – Sarah Jones Trombone – Donald Bate

Tesla – Lightning in His Hands

A large-scale opera about Serbian-American engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla

Music / Direction – Constantine Koukias Libretto – Marianne Fisher Production Design – Maria Kunda Baritone – Christopher Richardson

Heart Matters

Music – Constantine Koukias Choreographer – Chrissie Parrott

Featuring the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Young