Heart Matters


Chrissie Parrott – Choreographer
Music – Constantine Koukias
Conductor – Kenneth Young with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Backwards From Winter

Fall Excerpt

Monodrama for Soprano, Electric Cello, Computer Sound and Video
by Douglas Knehans (Music) and Juanita Rockwell (Libretto)
Judith Weusten – Soprano, Antonis Pratsinaksis & Actor – Chris Jackson
Mise-en-scene by Constantine Koukias & Ivan Paitre

The Barbarians


Music & Direction – Constantine Koukias
Text by Constantine Cavafy, Production Design – Liminal Studios
Choreographer – Christos Linou, Nicholas Dinopolous – Baritone, Boy Alto – Ayrton Rose, Grace Ovens, Greek Choris Leader – Athanasia Houndalas

Days and Nights with Christ

Fall Excerpt

The work, which explores images associated with schizophrenia
Music & Direction – Constantine Koukias
Dancer / Choreographer – Christos Linou

KIMISIS – Falling Asleep


Kimisis – Falling Asleep is a gallery-style installation work celebrating a Great Feast of the Eastern Orthodox Church which commemorates the Dormition – the “falling asleep”, or death and assumption into Heaven – of Mary, the mother of Christ.

Music & Direction – Constantine Koukias, Soprano – Sarah Jones,
Trombone – Donald Bate, Sound Design – Greg Gurr

Tesla – Lightning in His Hands


A large-scale opera about Serbian American engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla

Music & Direction – Constantine Koukias, Libretto – Marianne Fisher, Production Design – Maria Kunda, Baritone – Christopher Richardson